The International Space Station and an Attempt at Puzzle Hunt Creation


The books seem weird and random. None of them are about the ISS, or even space. The card phrases are all about space, but they also seem strange.

Several of them are about plants and animals: After the flower market, Strawberry Fields Berlin, Rescue of sturgeon species in the Ural River basin, Beavers: a wildlife handbook, Harvest: unexpected projects using 47 extraordinary garden plants. But others, like Around the Zilber-Pink conjecture, just seem totally unrelated.

More of the books have animals names in the title, but aren’t actually about that animal: Design and application of the worm gear, A Regency Buck: Adam Buck (1759-1833), Tribute to Emil Wolf: science and engineering legacy of physical optics.

The card phrases are all about space, but they’re not standard space things like “jupiter” or “black hole”. Many of them are very obscure, and the recognizable ones seem to be moon-related.

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