The International Space Station and an Attempt at Puzzle Hunt Creation

Someone notices that these codes look like library book numbers. Specifically, they look like Library of Congress codes. They google some of the codes, and find some of the books in some library catalogs online.

As it happens, you’re on a large university campus. But this campus doesn’t have just one library; it has many! What should you do about this?

Someone has noticed that the map of campus in the briefing book is not just a map of campus; it’s a map of all the libraries on campus. They turn the page over, and see a listing of all the library names, locations and phone numbers. One of the libraries is highlighted; the Engineering library.

You take all your clues and head to the engineering library. It’s currently open and occupied by studying students, so you very quietly enter and begin searching the stacks for the book codes you have. You find them. Inside each found book, there’s a card;

Book card

At this point, all the teams have found enough capsules to decode the bottom lines into book numbers. They bring all their clues to the library, pull their books off the shelves, and find the cards. Here’s the total set of books & cards.

Here’s the list of book information and card phrases, in case it’s hard to read the pictures;

  • TR659.8 N48 2017
    After the flower market
    by Johanna Neurath
  • QA242.5 H33 2017
    Around the Zilber-Pink conjecture
    by Emmanuel Ullmo, Andrei Yafaev, Thomas Scanlon, Philipp Habegger, Gaël Rémond
  • UG1242 G85 N54 2012
    Night hunters: a history of the AC-130 gunship
    by William P. Head
  • PT2708 E94 S77 2013
    Strawberry Fields Berlin
    by Julian Heun
  • GB842 S66 1991
    Snow, hydrology and forests in high alpine areas
    Tomasz P. Jannson, editor.
  • TJ200 C76 2002
    Design and application of the worm gear
    by William P. Crosher
  • TA682.43 K79 1998
    Cold weather concreting
    by Boris A. Krylov
  • QL638 A25 N38 2007
    Rescue of sturgeon species in the Ural River basin
    edited by Viktor Lagutov.
  • ND487 B835 2015
    A Regency Buck: Adam Buck (1759-1833)
    by Peter Darvall
  • QL737 R632 L66 2000
    Beavers: a wildlife handbook
    by Kim Long
  • QC355.3 T75 2005
    Tribute to Emil Wolf: science and engineering legacy of physical optics
    Tomasz P. Jannson, editor.
  • TX819 H4 B58 2017
    Harvest: unexpected projects using 47 extraordinary garden plants
    Stefani Bittner & Alethea Harampolis; photography by David Fenton

What do the books have in common? What’s the relationship between the cards and the book? And how does it get you closer to the location of the payload? See the next page for hints.

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