The International Space Station and an Attempt at Puzzle Hunt Creation


You and some team members head outside and go toward your colored section. You wander around the campus paths, looking at the map overlay to make sure you stay within the boundaries, and generally on the lookout for anything interesting. Eventually, you see something hidden in a bush. On closer inspection, it’s a flag; the flag of the European Union. It’s attached to a little capsule with solar panels on the sides. You open the capsule, and find some bound slips of paper.


Behind the first slip are these images:


Having found this, you now know something to look for, and you spread out looking for more. After a while you’ve found the following clues, all with EU flags, and you decide to inspect them for a while.

The second clue has only the first slip of paper;


The third clue you find also has no other slips;


Here’s the fourth clue;



In theory you could keep looking for clues, but in the interest of keeping this post shorter, I’ll leave you with these. There is a lot to figure out here! Stay on this page to figure it out; to get some hints, go to the next page.

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